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Establishment Setting Toolkit And Browser (ESTAB) was developed by Cunning Running Software to support the British Army's design and maintenance of establishments supporting the whole business process from definition of an establishment's structure and assignment of personnel and equipment, through electronic distribution for analysis, comment, further modification, agreement and authorisation.

A database application ESTAB replaced CREW (the Cunning Running Establishment Writer) as the British Army's standard system for writing establishments, and became the main data provider for its central manpower and equipment database ROSS - the Revised ORBAT and Scales System - until going out of service in May 2006. The functionality of ESTAB was taken forward into CROW (the Cunning Running ORBAT Writer).

The system had a multi-user n-tier architecture which integrated with most MOD networks of the era including CASH, CHOTS, ISIS, AFOS, and TAFMIS. It was also a stand-alone Windows front-end system using a back-end Microsoft SQL Server database. At its peak it had around 105 users on 45 sites throughout MOD and Army departments.

ESTAB provided comprehensive facilities for analysing new establishments and highlighting changes between revisions. Reports were produced using Crystal Reports and could be exported to PDF, Word, Excel etc. Scale drawings of radios and vehicles could be produced automatically using Visio. Establishments could be costed and evaluated before approval.

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