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Ground-Based Air Defence Battlefield IS Application (GBAD-BISA) was implemented as a core element of UK Military Digitisation Stage 2 and provides the Royal Artillery and the Royal Marines with the ability to control GBAD weapon systems. The prime contractor is BAE Systems, and Cunning Running Software provided the initial user interface, a derivative of the Air Defence Siting Computer (ADSC).

GBAD-BISA is presently deployed by the UK on the BOWMAN communications infrastructure at every required level from Corps to Fire Unit and provides dynamic procedural control of airspace in 24 hour and 15 minute planning intervals. Airspace Control Measures (ACM) can be imported as part of the Air Control Order (ACO), or entered as requests, then shared as required.

Restricted firing arcs are calculated at each fire unit, and weapon status is displayable across the networked system.

The export version of GBAD-BISA is mobile phone network-capable and runs on wired and wirelessly networked infrastructures.

Ground-Based Air Defence Battlefield IS Application (GBAD-BISA)

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