Threat Visualisation for the Real World

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We develop software to allow non-specialised users to tap into the power of geospatial analysis, whether that be for vulnerability assessment or searching for missing persons. Our solutions enable end-users to identify and manage threats to aircraft, VIPs, critical infrastructure or crowded places as well as carry out optimised comprehensive search within areas of interest.

Each product we develop can be tailored to meet the set of functionality that the end-user requires. In addition, we operate as sub-contractors to major industry providers and sell direct to law enforcement and military organisations worldwide.

Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution. As a result of this we are able to fulfil many Urgent Operational Requirements.

Our solutions include installation, training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. Existing customers agree they represent excellent value for money.

We also provide mapping conversions between different military and civil formats, and advice and consultancy about vulnerability assessment matters.

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