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The Ground Recognised Air Picture (G-RAP) Interim Operational Capability (IOC) is a crucial segment of the British Army’s ground based air defence system, displaying Link 16 Recognised Air Picture (RAP) information to give beyond Line-of-Sight capability enhancing situational awareness and early warning of encroaching targets.

Developed by Rockwell Collins UK it is currently in service with the Royal Artillery. Cunning Running Software develops mapping conversion tools for the GRAP-IOC Data Preparation Facility.

We’ve also demonstrated GRAP-IOC integrated with GBAD BISA which enhances situational awareness available to GBAD commanders, and feeds the live air picture overlaid with live air defence coverage data. The information is distributed to networked users enhancing early warning capabilities of ground-based air defence units.

Our MakeMaps mapping component enables various geospatial products to be ingested and displayed, and is an integral component of Firestorm, a GRAP-IOC derivative developed for forward observers and forward air controllers.

Ground Recognised Air Picture (G-RAP) Interim Operational Capability (IOC)

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