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Published by Jane's at DSEi 2009 Expo 8th September 2009. This excerpt is reproduced here with permission of the author. The full article is copyrighted by its author.

Cunning Running Software Ltd (CRSL) is launching Version 3 of its Surface to Air Missile Position Ranking and Analysis System (SAM-PRAS) at DSEi. SAM-PRAS is a software package that helps to calculate the most effective physical security measures against a threat to aircraft from man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) when landing or taking off.

Once the danger area has been calculated, SAM-PRAS assists in the preparation and maintenance of the patrol and surveillance plan as well as providing a briefing tool for ground and air staff.

SAM-PRAS Version 2 is in service at major US, UK and Australian airports, as well as with UK and Australian defence forces.

Version 3 has a number of enhancements, including: ESRI’s Arc Engine, which enables the user to use the full resolution of any mapping and aerial imagery; use of vector mapping such as Ordnance Survey Master Map, VMap and DHS Gold; interface to Mode S IFF receivers to gain real-time positions of aircraft, and the ability to create flight paths within SAM-PRAS from real aircraft tracks; download of GPS logs from tracking devices to build up a database of patrol routes and low-level intelligence; interface to Google Earth data; database enhancements using Microsoft SQL Server 2008; and tools to identify potential indirect fire weapon sites.

CRSL also recently acquired RealityMap, an advanced 3D software package, and its associated software engineers from Advanced Geospatial Systems. Reality Chart, the under-sea application, is also included in the deal

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