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Surface-to-Air Missile Position Ranking and Analysis System (SAM-PRAS)

Published by C4ISR & MISSION SYSTEMS 12th June 2012. This excerpt is reproduced here with permission of the author. The full article is copyrighted by its author.

The Surface to Air Missile Position Ranking and Analysis System (SAM-PRAS) is a software package which helps to calculate the most effective security measures against a threat to aircraft from MAN-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) when landing or taking off. Based on Windows XP or 7, SAM-PRAS takes MANPADS, mapping and aircraft data and then calculates the best sites in the vicinity of an airfield from which to use the weapons against aircraft, thus showing the most dangerous areas. The results can be displayed on a screen, exported to standard geographic information systems or printed at standard or arbitrary map scales.

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