Threat Visualisation for the Real World


RAM-PRAS is a unique multi-purpose tool for governments and militaries dealing with counter-terrorism. It builds upon our worldwide success with SAM-PRAS since 2005.

RAM-PRAS identifies potential launch points of direct and indirect fire weapons enabling users to visualise their danger footprint. Maps, diagrams, and other data can be processed and downloaded to front-line personnel attending the incident to enhance situational awareness, inform ‘safe route’ planning, and assist correct positioning of firearm teams and surveillance.

A real-time decision support tool, if the tactical situation changes RAM-PRAS evaluates the evolving threat so that incident commanders can re-direct resources.

For defending Critical National Infrastructure, RAM-PRAS displays sensor coverage in two-dimensional space, 3D and overlaid on Google Earth™, giving the user immediate visual indication of which sensors provide optimum security, incident observation, and perimeter surveillance.

As a preventative tool, RAM-PRAS uses terrain elevation and weapon characteristics to calculate where potential launch sites exist. These can be examined and mitigated using aerial photography and ground survey. A site database provides a record of all site surveys with notes, photos, videos, maps, sketches, and aerial imagery.

Data can be downloaded direct to front-line personnel enhancing decision-making capability. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) information can also be shared with other Command and Control systems using standard data transfer formats such as MapInfo and Shapefile.

RAM-PRAS also generates briefing and management reports for incident commanders, patrol groups, search and reconnaissance teams to provide situational awareness and facilitate practical dialogue.

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