Threat Visualisation for the Real World


SAM-PRAS is a unique market-leading solution used by counter-terrorism agencies to identify potential MANPADS launch points within range of flight paths.

It prioritises and catalogues them for ready for surveillance, reconnaissance, and patrolling. Its intuitive interface reduces training cost and leverages existing specialist knowledge, and increases the return of investment (ROI).

Analysis and reports are produced two-dimensionally, in 3D and Google Earth™ informing reconnaissance teams, patrol units, force protection commanders, and even budget managers.

SAM-PRAS provides a patrol planning capability to ensure high risk sites are frequently visited to maximise the chances of uncovering and disrupting terrorist activity. GPS ‘truth trace’ data can also be captured to continually optimise patrol routes.

Flight paths often change in response to weather and noise abatement. SAM-PRAS automatically re-calculates the changed vulnerabilities to show where force protection assets should be re-deployed.

Over time a SAM-PRAS database of potential launch sites becomes a low-level intelligence capability that enhances the effectiveness of protection teams.

SAM-PRAS can share GIS (Geographic Information Systems) information with other Command and Control systems using standard data transfer formats such as MapInfo and Shapefile.

Since its introduction in 2003, SAM-PRAS has constantly evolved to meet the expanding needs of new and existing global customers dealing with new threats to aircraft.

Laser strike analysis, for example, is a new capability which analyses patterns from aircrew laser strike reports. This analysis by SAM-PRAS has directly led to successful identification of perpetrators, and their subsequent arrest.

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