Threat Visualisation for the Real World


UK Police Search Advisors (PoISAs) are issued with our CTS-PRAS software (Counter Terrorism and Search Position Ranking and Analysis System) This comprises a deployable laptop computer containing mapping of the whole of England and Wales, together with aerial photography of the users' area of responsibility.

The software can quickly identify search areas from vector mapping, create paper or electronic search area tasking sheets for the search teams, manage the progress of the search, and build the rationale of decisions taken as they occur.

The software includes geographic data such as cellphone mast coverage and will shortly contain suitable elements of the historical databases to predict where missing persons are likely to be found based on the age, gender, medical condition and circumstances.

These tools enable search priorities to be decided upon far faster, briefing documents rapidly created, and search management simplified. Data is available to be exchanged with other geo spatial tools such as command and control systems, printed on paper and transparency, or transmitted to searchers as PDF documents. 



The software functionality has been designed in close cooperation with PoISAs to ensure that it is simple to use and fit for purpose. In the UK as part of the contract we supply appropriate geospatial data to users along with the hardware, a secure network and technical support.

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